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This is the personal website of Erich and Carol Berndt, two avid travelers from Calgary, Canada. We have created this travel information site to offer our insights and ideas to fellow travelers who wish to travel frequently; exploring, learning, and appreciating the geography, culture and history of the places being visited.  We hope you will find this website useful in imagining and planning your travels.


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 NEW *  saw more islands in the Caribbean *visited more locations in the Austro-Hungarian Region * added more sites in our Mediterranean Meandering * updated travel tips for 2023/24 *added more locations in Mexico and in North America Collection  

Asia Pacific

Over the past few years we have explored areas in southeast Asia and the Pacific that offer very diverse history, culture, geography and experiences.


North America Collection

As we resume  post-covid travel we have compiled our memories of favourite destinations in Canada and United States.


Scotland and Ireland

We recently had the opportunity to explore the lovely countries of Scotland and Ireland, rich with natural beauty and cultural treasures.


Austro-Hungarian Regions

Recent trips took us through northern Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria. Each location has remarkable culture, art and human spirit.


Mediterranean Meandering

Over the past few years we have spent several months exploring several islands and coastal cities throughout countries along the Mediterranean Sea.   



While serving as a wonderful respite from Canadian winter, a trip to Mexico also offers a chance to experience natural and cultural diversity.


Spain & Portugal

We have taken three lengthy trips to various regions of Spain and Portugal including their offshore archipelagos and islands.


Hawai'ian Islands

Hawai'i has always been one of our favourite places. We have visited four different islands a few times to experience their sublime essence.



 Baltic Cruise

We pursued a long-held dream of seeing countries around the Baltic Sea whose complicated history included Hanseatic, Scandinavian, and Russian influences.


Caribbean Collection

This is a compilation of 7 trips to the Caribbean, including cruises. Each of the 15 locations we have visited has its own landscapes and cultures.


        Previous Collections

The following pages chronicle some of our travels taken in earlier years. These pages have been recently reorganized and updated with refreshed photos and revised commentary, highlighting the timeless nature of the natural, historical and cultural attractions.

Panama and Costa Rica

These are the highlights of a month of touring Panama and Costa Rica, enjoying their history, culture and natural beauty.

European Excursions

This is a compilation of trips to Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, England,  the Netherlands, Turkey, Czechia, and Ukraine.

Australia and New Zealand

These pages feature the attractions of the cities and natural regions of our trip "Downunder."

Asia Collection

This is a selection from various trips to Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.

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