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This is the personal website of Erich and Carol Berndt, two avid travelers from Calgary, Canada. We have created this travel information site to offer our insights and ideas to fellow travelers who wish to travel frequently; exploring, learning, and appreciating the geography, culture and history of the places being visited.  We hope you will find this website useful in imagining and planning your travels.


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                                  Gadgets and Apps

The advent of many new electronic devices, various travel gadgets and a range of mobile apps has made traveling more convenient, more organized, safer and more fun.

Selecting Travel Accessories

The websites listed below offer some suggestions about travel accessories and gadgets. While some are just good geeky fun, others are quite essential; the accessories that add comfort while in flight or on the road, the packing tools that help keep clothing, toiletries and electronics organized; and, the electronics themselves. While many people do everything with their phones, we still travel with a digital camera, a tablet (with downloaded e-books and music), a laptop with photo-editing software and Skype installed, a noise-cancelling headset, a flash drive, and a variety of electronic chargers and adapters.  There are also some simple definitely low-tech items that we find essential for travelling: zip-lock bags in various sizes, twist ties, extra batteries and sim cards, hand sanitizer gel to be used copiously, a microfiber face cloth (not all accommodations supply these), a swiss army knife with multiple tools (in checked luggage only), dryer sheets to keep luggage smelling fresh, a refillable water bottle, and small packets of food seasonings. Some camp soap or laundry pods are also helpful. See:

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57 Brilliant Travel Accessories Every Traveller Must Have (2024 Edition)

The Best Travel Cameras for 2024


         Keep a detailed list on file of essential items to pack

We also travel with a GPS when we rent a vehicle and increasingly when we navigate on foot. There are many good options  depending on the destination and the features you want. There are also a growing number of Smartphone GPS apps, like Google Maps and Apple maps offer comparable functionality. Increasingly, hotels are offering the use of hand-held devices for navigating walking tours of cities.

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We found it helpful to have a personal GPS device in addition to one installed in rental cars

Downloading Travel Apps

There are hundreds of possible travel apps for Apple and Android devices. They can be categorized as: mapping tools, including specific tools for finding WiFi hotspots, public washrooms, cheapest gas, and recommended restaurants; booking tools for airlines, accommodations and land transport; and tracking tools for such things as walking routes, bus schedules, and shareable maps and journals.  The writers of the articles below have identified some of the best:

The Best Travel Apps for iOS and Android lists the most helpful apps for planning an itinerary, getting around and managing day-to-day events.

40 Best Travel Apps to Download - 2024 Edition  provides a list of some of the most useful apps to have on hand for trip planning, finding things to do, dining, getting around and language learning and translation.


             Samples of CityMapper and XE Currency Converter apps

Particularly helpful apps are those which assist with communication and language translation.
The articles below provide suggestions for "voice over internet protocol" apps and for translation tools that are available via website interface or a mobile app.

Top 10 Best Android Apps for Free VoIP Calls in 2024

The Best Translation Apps of 2024



The Google Translate tool contains text and voice, camera and handwriting translation.

Utilizing WiFi and Phone Plans

Two other suggestions we would make are to have a means for secure internet connections, and a means for making phone calls and using WiFi without excessive roaming charges. We  recommend having a VPN (Virtual Private Network). It provides security for your personal information such as passwords on web browsers and apps, allows for torrenting, encrypts data, and helps to get around internet filtering. We use NordVPN, but there are many to choose from. We also use Surfeasy, a paid subscription service that essentially creates a VPN. We can be assured that when we do online banking or other sensitive activities we are secure.

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The Best International Phone Plans for Travelers

Best International Cell Phone Plans

Best Local SIM Card or Portable Wifi



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